Mission Statement

A customer driven organization created to provide flexible CT and MRI support services tailored to fit the needs of today`s healthcare industry. Through listening and understanding our customer`s goals, we deliver the integrated solutions that fit each customer`s unique needs.

Total Solutions

Radimage Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the Leading independent service organization that offers a total solution to your CT and MRI needs. Some of the services available to our customers include:

  1. Nationwide CT and MRI service Agreement, with Remote service Capabilities and Magnet Monitoring
  2. CT Tubes and CT/MRI Parts with 24/7 Availability from NCR Stocking Locations
  3. Worldwide  Cryo-Refrigeration and Magnet Service
  4. Refurbished CT and MRI Equipment Sales, Site Planning, Installation and Warranty
  5. Mobile Solutions, Rentals, Modulars and Mobile Storage

Because we have such deep experience in building, testing, servicing and installing systems, you can count on us for the best in quality in everything we do.