We are proud to introduce Radimage Technology as the start of a new era in the field of healthcare service industry and medical imaging envisioned with an endeavor to offer world class machineries, equipments and services to our elite clients.

RITPL specializes exclusively in providing the customized services and sales for GE MRI & CT Scanners. We are offering excellence in refurbished equipments through a team of highly experience, well trained and educated personnel. We are an ISO 9001:2002 Certified company through world known

What we do

The service offerings we deliver at Radimage Technologies Pvt. Ltd. include; pre-owned equipments supply, on-demand maintenance services, custom service agreements, equipment installation and de-installations, uptime guarantees, CT tube replacements, magnet ramp and shims, cold head service and more. In addition, we can offer technical and applications support, in-house or on-site service training, and a wide selection of quality replacement parts at up to 80% off OEM prices. We tailor our solutions to suit specific Customer needs. In addition to the innovative service and parts solutions we offer, Radimage Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can also offer you an extensive selection of, carefully selected, previously owned MRI, CT and radiology systems. Whether you need a fixed or a mobile system, we can assist you from start to finish on your imaging project requirements including system purchase, site planning, relocation, installation and applications.

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